3 Tips for Good Marriage Communication

We have written often about the importance of having good communication in marriage. It’s because the breakdown in communication is the #1 marriage problem given by couples. Good communication is essential to keeping families together and building strong, mutually satisfying relationships.

While there are a number of critical aspects involved in good communication in marriage, we’d like to highlight the following as three key aspects involved in this process:

Discuss Only One Topic At A Time

Do not “kitchen sink” each other by bringing up a lot of past unresolved issues. Stay focused on one topic until you have successfully discussed and resolved the problem. Then, celebrate your success and give yourselves a day or two before tackling any other issue.

Don’t Interrupt Your Spouse While They Are Speaking

Nothing breaks down communication faster than a partner who constantly interrupts their spouse. Often, the interruption is to “correct the facts” especially when the listening partner disagrees with what is being said. The “facts” can be argued, but they are not nearly as important as you finding a workable solution.

You Must Control Your Typical Reactive Behavior

The typical way that couples often fight is that one will attack and the other withdraws. In good marriage communication, both partners need to be present and feel safe in order to resolve problems. Both partners must control their reactive impulses that prohibit good communication.

Marriage communication is essential in keeping families together where children have the benefit of being reared by both parents. We hope these tips will help you communicate better.